Integrative Care Clinic

For those undergoing illness and other challenges
Juniper integrative care services are derived from the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist healing. One of the oldest healing methodologies in the world, this tradition’s healing comprises a holistic system that sees the balance of physical and mental processes as key to recovery and long term health.
Central to these methods is the role of one’s inner energy, or "life force," in health and recovery from illness and other challenges, and enhancing this life force is an important component of treatment. For over thirty years, Segyu Rinpoche has been applying these techniques to address many kinds of physical, emotional and other challenges, including end of life services. In 2013, Segyu Rinpoche completed a three year traditional Tibetan Medicine course with the Tibetan Medicine Education Center, Milan, Italy.
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"Coming to the Clinic has supported and boosted my sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being... It is a place of transformation..."

- Margaret Maroccia, Retired Architectural Engineer

"I felt that I had met a very old friend and that he had my best interest at heart. I felt a deep sense that he knew how to help me for the long run. Rinpoche guided me to understand the effects of taming my mind. For that I am deeply grateful."

- Sharon Randall, Feldenkrais Practitioner; Hospice Volunteer

Juniper Clinic Services

Services include:
1) Specific treatments to balance and enhance one's energy and vitality
2) Guidance on coping with illness and other challenges
3) Instruction on specific practices such as meditation
These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.
To make an appointment, please call us at: (408) 251-1105
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Juniper Grief Services

Services include:
1. Providing education, support and guidance to help individuals cope with loss.
2. Individualized approach combining grief methods and Juniper's meditations
For further information or to make an appointment please call or email Pam Moriarty at (831) 818 7984 or
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“I loved the atmosphere and caring at Juniper Clinic. They were able to help discern the underlying causes of some of my health issues. Juniper Clinic provides a unique holistic approach to health and well being that is unsurpassed in the SF Bay Area.”

- Pamela J, Designer

“Segyu Rinpoche, the Juniper team, and community at Juniper are warm, funny, intelligent, kind-hearted, wise, and good people. I am extremely grateful to have found them, and I highly recommend them.”

- Matthew Lindgren, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Distant Healing Service

Distant Healing is appropriate for those undergoing physical or emotional illness and setbacks, or for the dying and deceased. Participants do not attend in person. We will include him or her in our weekly integrative healing meditation for approximately eight weeks. Please note that this is not a substitute for medical treatment but a complement to work alongside it.

Request Form

You can make a request for yourself, for someone you care about, or for someone deceased. Please follow the instructions in the form. Thank you.

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