Let's Meditate and Other Courses for Organizations

In the high stakes pressures of corporate life, the ability to operate with calm and clarity, and to treat others with dignity and respect, can easily be lost in the rush to get things done. Meditation is a means to put a pause in our fast-paced days, and a tool to nurture those qualities that can make us feel better about what we do, and simultaneously improve our performance.

Let's Meditate is a six week course suitable for meditation in work environments. Each module includes an agenda for facilitating a weekly meditation group, or the course can be distributed to individuals throughout the organization to take on their own.

Course includes:

  • A six part self-paced course on learning to meditate.
  • Entire course available at once for a one-time fee.
  • Each part of the course includes:
    1. Downloadable two-page PDF
    2. Guided meditation that can be heard online or downloaded for listening devices
    3. Five to ten minute instructional video for each part of the course.

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How It Works

1. Create Account

A designated administrator will open an account and purchase the course for each participant.

2. Designate Names

The administrator will designate the names and email addresses of participants, who will then each have personal access to the course.

3. Organize Group

Weekly meditation groups can be organized by your organization for those who wish to participate.

Let's Meditate Modules

Course Introduction

by Segyu Rinpoche

Part 1

What is Meditation?

Meditation defined, and the three aspects of meditation

Part 2


Time, place and meditation posture

Part 3

A Healthy Practice

The key elements of sustaining a healthy meditation practice

Part 4

Analytical Meditation

Contemplating emotional balance, calm, insight, and compassion

Part 5

Visualized Objects

The benefits of visualized objects in meditation and how to use them

Part 6

Meditation Applied

The link between meditation and day-to-day life

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Less Corporate, More Mindful

Harvard Gazette | February 19, 2015

Juniper co-founder Lawrence Levy returned to his roots at the Harvard Law School in late February, 2015 to give a talk about his career path from practicing law, to Pixar, and now to founding Juniper - and how it all ties together.

“People often ask me, ‘Can you be a strong, hard-charging executive if you're worried too much about other people's feelings?’ And my answer to that is always, absolutely you can.”

Picture of Lawrence Levy speaking

Sample the Course

Let’s Meditate:

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Let’s Meditate

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Guided Meditation

Audio Sample
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01 - Lawrence - What is Meditation?

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“Meditating has taught me to observe the habits of my mind. When I begin to feel agitated, angry, or fearful, I now know how to push the 'pause button.' This enables me to consider my actions and words more carefully. I am more likely to act in a manner that provides a greater sense of compassion, serenity, and harmony. I feel better about myself and better about my relationships.”

— Cheryl Certo

I started to meditate daily during an extremely stressful period in my life. I found the act of just sitting and quieting my mind to be enormously helpful. I began to love the quietness and the challenge of taming my mind.

Cheryl, Landscape designer