Let's Meditate Introductory Course

“The measure of successful meditation is not what happens while we are meditating, nor even how adept at meditating we become, but whether we are growing inwardly and positively transforming how we live in, react to, and engage the world.”

Let's Meditate is Juniper's introduction to meditation. It is composed of six parts that each include text, audio, and video. The course also comes with an introductory video by Segyu Rinpoche.

  1. What Is Meditation?
  2. Preparation
  3. Analytical Meditation
  4. Building a Healthy Practice
  5. Visualized Objects
  6. Meditation Applied

All six parts are available for viewing and download with a one-time purchase.

Sample the Course

Let’s Meditate:

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Let’s Meditate

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Guided Meditation

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01 - Lawrence - What is Meditation?

Course includes:

  • A six part self-paced course on learning to meditate.
  • Entire course available at once for a one-time fee.
  • Each part of the course includes:
    1. Downloadable two-page PDF
    2. Guided meditation that can be heard online or downloaded for listening devices
    3. Five to ten minute instructional video for each part of the course.

Individual fee


Corporate offering available here

How It Works

Once you purchase the course you will have online access to the written, audio and video instruction for each part of the course. We recommend doing one part per week over a 6-week period.

Individual Practice:

For individuals, Let's Meditate will guide you to develop a meditation practice in the comfort of your own home. Simply read the content, watch the videos, and play the guided meditation, and you'll be on your way.

Group Practice:

Meditation also works very well in groups, providing opportunity to meditate together and discuss the material. You can form your own group by having each person sign up for the course, arranging a weekly time and place to meet, and following the directions for group practice at the end of each handout.

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“Meditating has taught me to observe the habits of my mind. When I begin to feel agitated, angry, or fearful, I now know how to push the 'pause button.' This enables me to consider my actions and words more carefully. I am more likely to act in a manner that provides a greater sense of compassion, serenity, and harmony. I feel better about myself and better about my relationships.”

— Cheryl Certo

“I have tried various different spiritual philosophies and this is the only one that really makes sense and is tried and true.”

— Ann Contos, Registered Nurse

“Juniper provides a great community for support and accountability. The Juniper path includes tools and techniques beyond breath meditation to help me grow into the person I want to become.”

— Alison Krafft Rempel