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Written Works

Awakening the Mind

Juniper's blueprint for engaging a path of meditation


“In a world that consumes us with outer pressures and responsibilities, how are we to cultivate peace of mind, compassion, humility, and the capacity to live fully and freely? The answer is to turn inward, to discover a wisdom that sees beyond the conventions of day-to-day life, and to realize the potential of our minds. In this work we will introduce the elements of this journey - Meditation, Balance, Compassion and Insight - and describe how to go about engaging them.

A Modern Paradigm


“Juniper's perspective is that the heart of meditation training is not dependent on outdated theories about the mind and the physical world. It is, instead, found by marrying our evolving knowledge about the mind and the physical world with insight, philosophy, and training methods of an extraordinary tradition for cultivating human potential. ”

The Three Moments


The Three Moments is a model for describing the process of inner realization. T.R.V. Murti first coined the term in his classic work, The Central Philosophy of Buddhism. Murti saw the main task of Buddhist training as "purifying the mind and freeing it of the cobwebs and clogs of dogmatism." This occurs by examining and, ultimately, deconstructing the artificial edifice on which one's inner life is built. The result is a refined level of awareness that is the basis for reorienting how we experience and engage the world.

A Journey for Modern Life


“The scale of modern life is unprecedented in human history. Economies of production convert the world's resources into goods available throughout the globe. Advances in health care keep us living longer and healthier. Technology allows us to communicate with virtually anyone, anywhere. We have instant access to more information and entertainment than we could ever consume, and our knowledge of the universe, from the cosmos to the atom, is deeper and more widely available than ever before. At the scale of the individual, however, the quality of our inner lives is often left unattended.”

Video and media